Weekly Announcements


Announcements March 25 & 26, 2023


April 27      Vestry Meeting, HN 10:00 AM


April 1          Saturday (Palm Sun.) Holy Nativity 5:00 P.M.

April 2          Palm Sunday Christ the King 9:30 A.M.

April 6          Maundy Thursday Christ the King 12 Noon;

                      Holy Nativity 4:00 P.M.

April 7         Good Friday Christ the King 12 noon;

                     Holy Nativity 4:00 P.M.

April 8         Easter Vigil Holy Nativity 5:00 P.M.

April 9         Easter Sunday Christ the King 9:30 A.M. 


Next weekend is the first Sunday of the month so all cash and designated checks will go to the Vicar’s Discretionary Fund.


Envelopes are available at the back of the church to enable you to provide lilies for our Easter service.  The cost is $20.00 each.  These envelopes also serve to let us know who you want to honor.  Place the envelope with your contribution in the offering plate.   


I have always tried to make it clear that one does not need to be a member of this congregation to receive pastoral care. We will provide pastoral care to members, non-members, and even strangers. There is no obligation to join CTK/HN.  However, if being a member of the congregation is important to you, you only need to say “yes”. There are no hoops to jump through, no classes, no required reading, just “yes” to becoming a member.  Anyone who wishes to become a member of the congregation will be received by the Bishop when he makes his visit to CTK/HN on June 3/4.  If you are interested in joining the congregation, please get in touch with me.

Blessings, Fr. Olin


CAP Pantry update: This will probably seem like a broken record, but the items most needed have changed very little: soup and crackers, 1# packages of rice, Helpers for hamburger, chicken and tuna, and instant hot cereals. Additionally, the “razors and shaving cream” spot on the shelf is empty.

Thank you, everyone, for your donations; we take quite a load to the pantry every week.                                                        


When winter weather makes worship questionable, the Wardens and the Vicar will make a decision about canceling worship, hopefully early in the process.  If worship is to be cancelled, you will receive the message by e-blast. If there are any questions about whether or not we are having worship, please feel free to call the Vicar.


Church of Christ the King and Holy Nativity Vestry Meeting Thursday February 23, 2023

Vicar Olin Sletto, Senior Warden Tim Graul, Junior Warden Dale Logan, Joanne Ator, Cori McFarlane, Gwen Larson, John Witteborg, Treasurer Sally Hunter and Administrative Assistant Dawn DiCarlo convened via Zoom. Junior Warden Challoner Brown and Vestry Clerk Bunny Hagen were absent and excused.
1. Fr. Olin opened the meeting at 9:35am with a prayer
2. No guests, visitors or congregation input.
3. John Witteborg moved to accept the agenda as amended; Cori McFarlane seconded. Motion passed.
4. John Witteborg moved to accept the minutes of the January 26, 2023 meeting, Gwen seconded. Motion passed. Dale Logan moved to accept the minutes of the February 7, 2023, special meeting, Gwen Larson seconded. Motion passed.
5. Treasurer’s Report
5.1 The January 2023 Balance Sheet reflects:
The balance in the operating account is $116,447.14  The long-term pass thru contribution accounts were transferred to the “Designated Contributions” section on the balance sheet.
January 2023 Income and Expense statement reflects:
Total income in January was $30,614.00 (which includes prepaid pledges. This amount exceeds the budgeted $8,633.33 by $14,614.00.
Differentiated Expenses:
Administrative Asst. $2,143.76 (three pay periods)
Peninsula Pulse $58.24 (holiday advertising)
Altar supplies $192.07 (lectionary inserts)
Supply Clergy $200.00 (Fr. Throop)
Office supplies $36.69 (copy paper and envelopes)
Copier lease $187.00 (monthly lease and paper copy use)
Repairs/Maintenance HN $485.00 (Wulf Bros. $335.00 and Independent Roofing $150.00)
HN Landscaping $400.00 (Dave’s Tree Service)
Misc. Expense $150.00 (Bayside Bargains – buffet for CTK)  Gwen Larson moved to accept the treasurer’s report, Cori McFarlane seconded. Motion passed.
5.2 Dawn will be moving into a new office location in March.  The Vestry welcomed  Sally Hunter as our new treasurer.

6. Senior Warden’s Report
6.1 Tim and Barb Graul are working on the file storage at CTK. Sunshine House will shred unneeded documents. Sally Hunter advised that we need to keep payroll and financial records for 7 years.
6.2 Tim spoke to Mark from Wisconsin Imaging about a new copier and lease. The cost will be $50.00 a month for lease and $72.25 per quarter for 6,816 copies made. We may have to adjust the quarterly copy allowance due to printing our own lectionary inserts. The lease will be for 5 years and includes maintenance, toner and drum replacement. Tim moved to accept the new lease; Gwen seconded.  Motion passed.
6.3 Tim will update the Peninsula Pulse ad with the Holy Week schedule.
6.4 Tim and the Vestry thanked Dale Logan for initiating the Stewardship Celebrations. All agreed that it was a success. Tim reported no news or feedback about the Trialogue.
7. Junior Warden’s Report
7.1 CTK:
1. Dale will meet with Keller Builders Monday, Feb. 27 with the new concept for accessible facilities
2. Eagle Mechanical completed the heating and air condition maintenance at CTK.  Awaiting the bill.
3. Dale thanked everyone for their support and the success of the Stewardship Celebration.
7.2 HN:
1. Fallen trees were removed by Tim Johnson. Tim has built a post for the new HN sign; to be installed when the ground thaws.
2. Fia Hill (CTK Organist) did some research on a new organ for HN.  Heid Music in Green Bay proposes a Yamaha “clavinova” priced around $4,750, but more information is needed.

8. Vicar’s Report
8.1 Father Olin went over the conversation he had with Bishop Gunter on Monday, Feb 20. He reported that the bishop was impressed with our congregation and how well we are doing with church attendance, our finances, continuing to pay our monthly pledges, and outreach. Fr. Olin discussed the accessibility project with Bishop Gunter and received great support from him. Father Olin broached the idea of obtaining a loan from the Diocese. Bishop Gunter suggested we bundle the costs for church chairs (in lieu of pews), asbestos abate, and construction into the
total price of the accessibility project. The bishop’s visit is scheduled for June 4, 2023. Times and locations for parishioners to visit with the bishop were discussed but no decision was reached. Gwen will contact Shore to Shore about tent rental cost.
8.2 The Vestry agreed to remove the last pew on each side at CTK to make more room.
8.3 CTK organ repair is not yet scheduled but will be this Spring.
8.4 Annual Meeting will be the weekend of June 10-11; time and place to be determined.

8.2 The Vestry agreed to remove the last pew on each side at CTK to make more room.
8.3 CTK organ repair is not yet scheduled but will be this Spring.
8.4 Annual Meeting will be the weekend of June 10-11; time and place to be determined.
9. 2023 Outreach Committee Report:
The Outreach Committee reviewed the 2022 programs. Joanne Ator reported that we have received thank you notes from all of the recipients of funds. Cori shared with the committee that Welcome Baby has received two sizable state grants, providing adequate support for this program through the first half of 2024.  Update on assisting Ukrainian refugees: Cori McFarlane reached out to the County Economic Support Manager who indicated she believed there were a couple of refugee families in the community. Joanne Ator contacted the Door County Candle Company and learned that they were aware of one family and has tried to contact them to see if they might be in need, but the family has not responded. The Outreach Committee will advise the county and candle company that if needs arise, they may direct them to us; the church may be able to help through the Vicar’s Discretionary Fund.  Discussion continued about options for parishioner engagement and volunteer opportunities with various organizations. If there is support for this, we can contact Habitat for Humanity and United Way, among others.  CAP Pantry, Cradle to Career, and STRIDE, all of which we have supported in the past, could use help again.  Program funding for 2023 will include for 1st quarter Cradle to Career, 2nd quarter
STRIDE, and 3rd quarter CAP food Pantry. Fourth quarter selection will be postponed to a later date. Gwen Larson moved to approve the Outreach Committee Report, John seconded. Motion approved.
10. Old Business
No update on HN Cemetery.
11. New Business
12. Next vestry meeting will be on March 16, 2023, 9:00 a.m. at CTK.
13. Fr. Olin closed the meeting with prayer at 10:45 a.m.
Respectfully submitted, Dawn DiCarlo, Administrative Asst.


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