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August 25 Vestry Meeting, Holy Nativity Jameson Hall, 9:00
Next weekend is the first weekend of the month so all cash and designated checks will go to the Vicar’s Discretionary Fund. Disbursements from this fund are available, upon request, to members and county residents in need of financial assistance. Contact the parish office for more information (743-3286).
The CAP pantry serves a diverse group of Door County residents, including senior citizens and many who work more than one of our low paying jobs. Covering costs of transportation to work, rent, utilities and groceries is a stretch on a low income. When shopping, please consider helping by picking up a food or personal product to place in our pantry baskets at each church. Urgently needed are shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes. Fr. Olin recently purchased 3 cases of toilet paper using his discretionary fund (they were purchased locally).
The church is still collecting the receipts. You may turn them in by putting them in a baggie or envelope and placing them in the clear CAP tub at CTK by the church office thank you. 


Church of Christ the King and Holy Nativity

Vestry Meeting

Wednesday, June 23, 2021


 Father Olin Sletto, Senior Warden Tim Graul, Junior Warden Challoner

Brown, John Witteborg, Dale Logan and Joanne Ator convened at Holy Nativity Jameson Hall. Kate Wulle-Dugan convened via Zoom video conference constituting a quorum.  Treasurer Morag Hornsby and Administrative Assistant Dawn DiCarlo were also present.  

  1. Father Olin opened the meeting at 9:49 AM with prayer and then relinquished the chair to Senior Warden Tim Graul.  
  2. No guests or visitors notified the vestry of their wish to attend.
  3. Challoner moved to adopt the agenda, Dale seconded; motion passed.
  4. Tim asked for a correction to the minutes of the May 19 vestry meeting: at the end of paragraph 9.2, add the words “with Mr Feig’s permission.”


5.                   Treasurer’s Report

   5.1    Morag presented the income and expense report.  For the month of May the total income was $4, 272 and the total expenses, $6,950.16.  May income appeared to be below budget because some pledges are paid quarterly.  Expenses for the month included the quarterly building insurance payment of $1,474.25, bank charge of $171 (for check re-order and annual safe deposit box fee), postage of $57.40 for re-opening letters to congregation.

Kate mentioned that some may not realize the offering plate is at the back of the church and is not passed around.  All agreed that it is time for the usher to take the plate to each pew and then present to the altar.

            Tim asked for a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Joanne moved to accept the report and John seconded; motion passed.


6.                   Senior Warden’s Report

   6.1    Tim reported that Jeff Taylor had phoned on June 2 to say that he (Taylor) wanted to purchase the County A parcel from the Feigs in order to assure he would have a place for his and his daughter’s horses.  Taylor assured that he would give the church an easement for access to the cemetery “in perpetuity.”

 After discussion, the consensus was that the church affirm accepting Mr. Feig’s offer to donate the property, and further, assure Mr. Taylor he may have continued free use of the property at no charge.  Tim will direct attorney James Downey to compose and submit for vestry approval a letter to Mr. Taylor outlining that position, and to verify that using the property for a horse corral complies with zoning laws.


7.                   Junior Warden’s Report

    7.1 Challoner thanked Tim Graul for welcoming the guest priest,

Bishop Jacobus.  Joanne gave suggestions to Challoner for the next guest priest visit.

 Joanne suggested that the organist Sara Bong play the entire verse of each hymn as an introduction.


8.                   Vicar’s report

     8.1  Handicap accessible restroom at CTK to be discussed at the next meeting.  

     8.2 It was agreed to simplify snacks during fellowship time.  Fr. Olin will mention simple snacks in his newsletter.

     8.3 The Vestry agreed at this time that we offer bread only during the      Eucharist.


9.                  Old business   

     9.1 Carolyn Stewart completed the re-opening cleaning at Holy Nativity but will not be returning as our cleaning person.  Leah McFarlane will be hired as our cleaning person at Christ the King.  It was agreed that she become an employee, complete a time sheet and be payed monthly through Paychex.  Morag will contact Leah to let her know of the arrangements.                        


10.              New Business

            None to report

The next meeting of the Vestry is scheduled for 9:30 AM Wednesday, July 21, at Christ the King Parish Hall.

Fr. Olin, closed the meeting with the Lord’s Prayer at about 11:15 AM.


Faithfully recorded and submitted, Dawn DiCarlo, Administrative Asst.


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