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Oct. 1, Vestry Meeting, Holy Nativity Jameson Hall, 9:30



Next weekend is the first weekend of the month so all cash and designated checks will go to the Vicar’s Discretionary

Fund.  Disbursement from this fund are available, upon request, to members and county residents in need of financial assistance.  Contact the parish office for more information (743-3286).



In a recent message from the Diocese, they are recommending that we continue to follow the CDC guidelines and practice universal masking for an indoor setting.  We will also continue the protocol from before with no singing, and no wine for the Eucharist.  Cases are on the rise, so we must continue to be vigilant.



Starting in September we are asking for people to sign up to be “Greeters” at each church.  This service will be added to our current sign-up sheet. Thank you!



CAP Pantry is excited to have plenty of protein, but still needs extenders (helper and rice mixes) for chicken, tuna and hamburger. This time of year baked beans are frequently requested. On occasion cake mixes, jello and puddings are requested. Bar soap is in short supply as are shampoo, deodorant and shaving cream.

The pantry is still not open to the public, volunteers fill bags according to the size of the family and requested items. The bags are picked up at the end of the ramp at an agreed upon time. Thank you all for your support of this outreach mission. If you do not like to shop or are unable to, a check made out to CAP Pantry Door County can be placed in the offering basket, CAP can use that check to purchase items from Feed America.



The church is still collecting receipts. You may turn them in at each church service or place them in a baggie or envelope and put them in the clear CAP tub at CTK by the church office. Thank you! 


CHURCH DIRECTORY UPDATE:If you would like your contact information included in the directory, please email ( or call the church office (743-3286).




            Father Olin Sletto, Senior Warden Tim Graul, CTK Junior Warden Gwen Larson, HN Junior Warden Ron Schultz, John Witteborg, Kate Wulle-Dugan and Joanne Ator, constituting a quorum, convened at Christ the King Parish House.  Treasurer Morag Hornsby and Administrative Assistant Dawn DiCarlo were also present. Dale Logan was absent and excused.

  1. Father Olin opened the meeting at 9:07 AM welcoming new Vestry members CTK Junior Warden Gwen Larson and HN Junior Warden Ron Schultz. He then led the opening prayer and relinquished the chair to Senior Warden Tim Graul. 
  2. No guests or visitors notified the vestry of their wish to attend.
  3. Kate moved to adopt the agenda, Joanne seconded; motion passed.
  4. Kate moved to approve the minutes of the June 23, 2021 vestry meeting, Joanne seconded; motion passed.
  5. Treasurer’s Report

            Morag presented the income and expense report.  For the month of June the total income was $3,815 and expenses totaled $9,476.  The expenses included two payments toward the Diocesan pledge because of the May 31 holiday.  The income will increase next month when quarterly contributions are received. 

Morag brought up the budget for supply priest and asked if we can use $90 of the $700 budgeted to pay for cleaning the parish house after supply priests’ stays.  Vestry agreed to use part of the budget for that.

            Joanne moved to accept the Treasurer’ report; Kate seconded; motion passed.

  1. Senior Warden’s Report

6.1       Tim read the draft of the letter that Attorney Jim Downey proposes to send to Mr. Taylor in response to his request to purchase the cemetery access property, instead of the church continuing to let him use it to graze his horses.  The letter essentially says that the church has decided that they want to own the property and will let him continue to use it.  The arrangement would be renewed annually along with a license agreement form to sign.  It was agreed that Jonathon Feig should be copied on the letter that is sent to Mr. Taylor. 

   6.2    Tim reported that one of the parishioners stepped up and said that they wanted to underwrite the cost of paving the parking lot.  Father Olin has a proposal from Bissen Asphalt with two options depending on the square footage to be done.  Fr. Olin left a message for Paul at Bissen to clarify the two options.  Also, Fr. Olin suggested that Frank Pammer be present to check on the trees that are in the way of the paving area. 

After discussion, the Vestry decided to get proposals on permeable grass pavers which would be better for environment.  John will seek two proposals for grass pavers.  Tim will present the proposals to the donors.

  1. Junior Warden’s Report

7.1       Christ the King Junior Warden Gwen Larson requested a walk around at Christ the King.  Dawn will post a sign at CTK of vendor phone numbers to use when needed.

            Since the June Vestry meeting, Fr. Olin has completed the water blasting at Christ the King.

7.2       Holy Nativity Junior Warden Ron Schultz will get three bids from local HVAC contractors for the wall heater at Holy Nativity

  1. Vicar’s report

8.1       Fr. Olin is trying a different Gloria, S278, to be used with Prayer A to see if parishioners like that change.

8.2       John Contratto will fill in for Fia’s absence as organist at Christ the King on August 12.

  1. Old business

            Tim inquired about the church directory.  Dawn will leave the directory update in the announcements for one more week asking parishioners to place a check mark by their information.  Once directories are updated Dawn will print out 20 copies for each church.            

  1. New Business

            Joanne reported on the Outreach Committee meeting from June 29th.  Feed My People has suspended their Christmas program so the committee decided that the last quarter outreach for this year will be allocated the same as last year but with two new recipients, Jak’s Place and Help of Door County.  Also, we will ask parishioners to donate towards the fourth quarter to benefit the Toys for Kids Program.

            For the third quarter the committee decided that it will go with a new program, Welcome Baby. 

            Joanne asked for a motion to approve the Outreach Committee’s decisions on the third and fourth quarter outreach.  Kate moved to approve the third and fourth quarter Outreach donations, Gwen seconded; motion passed. 

The next meeting of the Vestry is scheduled for 9:00 AM Wednesday, August 25, at Holy Nativity Jameson Hall.

Fr. Olin closed the meeting with the Lord’s Prayer at about 10:15 AM.

Faithfully recorded and submitted, Dawn DiCarlo, Administrative As                                   


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