Announcements 10 31 21


Nov 6 & 7       “Celebration of All Saints, both churches

Dec 1               Vestry Meeting, CTK Parish House, 9:30

Dec 5               the second Sunday of Advent, we will host an “

Advent Concert” at Christ the King at 4:00 PM.


Next weekend is the first Sunday of the month so all cash and designated checks will go to the Vicar’s Discretionary Fund.


We continue to follow the CDC guidelines and practice universal masking for an indoor setting.  We will also continue the protocol from before with no singing, and no wine for the Eucharist. We must continue to be vigilant.


Bishop Matt Gunter has informed the Vestry that Deacon John Koski has retired.


Please remember to fulfill your pledge by year end.  Thank you for your commitment to our church.


Volunteers are needed to help with the Fall Clean Up at Christ the King on Saturday, November 6 at 9:00 am.                                                       

Please bring your own rake, work gloves, and any other tools you like. If you have questions, please contact Gwen Larson at 746-4595 or by email at


CAP PANTRY UPDATE from Sandi:  today was busy.  We have been averaging a 10% increase in families participating in the pantry the last couple of months. One interesting figure is that in October 2021 we served 45.71% more children than during the month of September 2021.

Current needs are soups and items for Thanksgiving such as stuffing mix, instant or quick potatoes and cranberries.  When shopping, please consider adding an additional item for the pantry.  Thank you!                                                                                                             


Econo Foods has been purchased by another company.  In light of this information the church will be turning in the collected receipts at the end of next month.  Please turn in your receipts as soon as possible.  Thank you!  



Present:  Father Olin Sletto, Senior Warden Tim Graul, CTK Junior Warden

Gwen Larson, HN Junior Warden Ron Schultz, Treasurer Morag Hornsby, Kate Wulle-Dugan, John Witteborg, Dale Logan and Joanne Ator convened at the Holy Nativity Jameson room. Administrative Assistant Dawn DiCarlo was excused.


  1. Father Olin opened the meeting with a passage from Hebrews and a prayer at 9:40 AM. Father Olin relinquished the chair to Senior Warden Tim Graul.


  1. There was no congregational input.


  1. Dale moved and John seconded to adopt the agenda. Motion passed.


  1. Joanne moved and Gwen seconded to approve the minutes of the August 25, 2021 Vestry meeting. Motion passed.


5.1 Treasurer’s Report:  Morag presented the August 2021 financial reports. The bill for the removal of a portion of the fence at Holy Nativity is $1,625. Joanne will double check with Dawn about the outreach fund expenditures.


6.1 Senior Warden’s report: Tim presented a message from the Diocese of Fond du Lac’s financial review for 2020, which was prepared by Fr. James Biegler. It contains a recommendation that the Vestry consider putting a portion of the operating funds into an instrument that gains higher yields than those earned in the current accounts. Tim will meet with a financial advisor at Nicolet Bank and report back to the Vestry. Kate moved and John seconded the financial report and the recommendation from the Diocese. The motion carried.


  1. Junior Warden’s Reports:


  • HN: Ron is waiting for a call back from Synergy Heating and Cooling about a wall heater replacement in the sanctuary. He has two other bids. The hot water heater is not working and may have rust. Ron has contacted Borkovetz Plumbing. The Sturgeon Bay Fire Department performed a safety inspection and suggested that we have the two fire extinguishers checked. The sound system was repaired and seems to be operational, so the bill from DRS Sound can be paid.


  • CTK: Gwen is soliciting bids for a gutter at CTK. She has one bid and is waiting to hear from a second vendor. The committee provided suggestions for vendors and types of gutters. 
  • Tim reminded the Wardens that fall yard-cleanup days need to be scheduled. Joanne will contact Bruce Ohman to see if he can clean the gutters at HN when he removes the leaves on the lawn and beds this year.            
    1. Vicar’s Report:


    • Review of Worship in Fr. Olin’s Absence: Members agreed that all went well with the visiting priests.


    8.2:  Printing of new worship bulletins: There is a need for twelve additional service leaflets at HN. They will be produced before new bulletins are printed for Advent.


    8.3: The Advent concert is scheduled for December 5 at 4PM at CTK. There will be a string quartet and soloist singers.


    8.4:  Christmas Worship: Christmas falls on a Saturday this year. The worship Schedule for the weekend will be: 

    Friday, Christmas Eve 12-24-21:  2PM CTK and 5 PM HN

    Saturday, Christmas Day 12-25-21:  9:30 AM CTK 

    There will be no regular services at HN at 5PM on 12-25 or 9:30 at CTK on 1226.


    1. Old Business: Gwen reported that organist Fia Hill is working to get the CTK organ repaired.


    1. New Business: There is a request to rent the garage space for the storage of a vehicle at CTK through April of 2022. The request was approved.


    1. Next meeting dates: October 27, 2021 9:30 AM CTK

                                                  December 1, 2021 9:30 AM CTK


    1. Closing Prayer: Fr. Olin led the Lord’s Prayer.


    The meeting adjourned at 10:20 AM.



    Respectfully submitted by Joanne Ator

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