Announcements April 9 & 10, 2022


May 18           

Vestry Meeting at HN Jameson Hall 9:30 A.M.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


There is an ongoing need for Hamburger Helper and other protein stretchers.  As always, personal care products including deodorant, razors, shampoo AND dish detergent or laundry soap.  Personal care and laundry products are taxable and cannot be purchased with a Share Card—because they are not food, they are considered non-essential.  Monies donated to the pantry are used to buy cases of food from Feed America.                                     


Please continue to save your Econo (Tadych’s Market Place) for our church.  Thank you.


Booklets for May/June/July are available at each church and in the plastic bin outside the church office.


The worship service video and audio will continue to be on line.  Early in the week visit the church website ( to view or listen to the Worship Service. You can also view the worship service on You Tube.




Father Olin Sletto, Senior Warden Tim Graul, Junior Warden Challoner Brown, John Witteborg, Dale Logan, Joanne Ator were present at the meeting and Kate Wulle-Dugan convened via Zoom videoconference.  Treasurer Morag Hornsby and Administrative Assistant Dawn DiCarlo were present.  Junior Warden Gwen Larson was absent and excused.

1. Father Olin opened the meeting at 9:36 AM with prayer.  He then relinquished the chair to Senior Warden Tim Graul. 

2. Tim asked for a motion to adopt the agenda.  Dale Logan so moved; Joanne Ator seconded; motion passed.

3. Tim asked for a motion to accept the minutes of the February 9 Vestry meeting. John Witteborg so moved; Joanne Ator seconded; motion passed.

4.  Treasurer’s Report

4.1  Dawn DiCarlo presented the treasurer’s report which shows revenue is higher than budgeted due to some members paying their pledges early. The expenses reflected quarterly building insurance payment, HN Lakes Gas deliveries, ivory paper purchased for bulletins and utility bills higher due to current gas prices.

Tim asked for a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report.  Challoner Brown so moved; Kate Wulle-Dugan seconded; motion passed.

5.  Senior Warden’s Report

5.1  Tim mentioned that we received our lay minister license for our church.  The certificates are posted at each location.

6.  Junior Warden’s Report

6.1  Tim went over the written report that Jr. Warden Gwen Larson submitted. Ken Warren (Gwen Larson’s husband) presented proposals for the replacement of the church front doors.   Ken will talk to contractor Mark Van Caster and email Tim Graul options for the door to be voted on from the Vestry.

Ken Warren replaced the light bulb above the front entrance of the church.  Also, Steve Reed replaced the light sensor above the church office entrance.

Junior Warden Gwen and Ken Warren met with Adam Lehman of Lehman Electric in regards to the parking lot lights.  Adam thinks that the best option is to wire lights through the attic, he will write up a quote and get back to Gwen.

There is no update yet on the leak in the dining room ceiling.

6.2 Tim asked for an update on the water heater at Holy Nativity.  The Vestry discussed the plumbing, septic and water softeners.  Fr. Olin will follow-up with Tanck Plumbing and John Witteborg will contact Borkevetz Plumbing.

Junior Warden Challoner Brown got a call from Wulf Bros. to do the annual inspection at Holy Nativity, Fr. Offered to call them and set up the appointment.

7.  Vicar’s Report

Fr. Olin brought up the challenge of growing the congregation.  He stated that five people have signed to join the church.  Fr. Olin is working on a report that he’s titled Elements of an Effective Congregation along with a scorecard that he will send out to the Vestry in a couple of weeks. 

7.1  Fr. Olin asked to upgrade the church microphones. The current microphones continue to have issues.  The cost of the upgraded microphones would $110 each but hopefully going with a more expensive option, the quality is better. The Vestry suggested that we purchase the upgraded microphones on a three month trial period to make sure that it is a good investment.

Tim asked for a motion to purchase the microphones.  John Witteborg so moved; Dale Logan seconded; motion approved.

7.2  The Vestry agreed with Fr. Olin that we can serve the wine by intinction.  Fr. Olin will fill the chalice just enough to dip the host and have the members take it from his hand.

Fr. Olin reported that he has the supply priests signed on for his time off in July.  He is has two priests signed up October and is working on getting two more.

8.  Outreach Report

8.1  Joanne Ator (Outreach Chairperson) reported to the Vestry that the Committee has recommended the Outreach disbursements for 2022.

  • First Quarter – Welcome Baby Program through N.E.W. Family Services.
  • Second Quarter – Cradle to Career.
  • Third Quarter – Strive Program (pay for private counselors for school age children.
  • Fourth Quarter – Lakeshore Food Pantry.

Joanne assured the Vestry that the Outreach Committee worked hard to select  organizations which make a difference to our community.

Kate Wulle-Dugan moved to accept the recommendations from the Outreach Committee; Challoner seconded; motion approved.

9.  Old Business

9.1  No news from Jim Downey in regards to the Holy Nativity cemetery property.

10.  New Business

10.1  Tim brought up the Certificate of Election of Lay Delegates to the Annual Convention 2022.  Dawn will send the certificate as soon as the delegates are elected at the church’s 2022 Annual Meeting, and before the June 30 due date.

11.  The next Vestry meeting will be Wednesday, April 6, 9:30 AM at Christ the King Parish Hall.

Fr. Olin closed the meeting with the Lord’s Prayer at about 10:40 AM.

Faithfully recorded and submitted, Dawn DiCarlo, Administrative Asst.





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