Announcements August 27 & 28, 2022


September 22       Vestry Meeting at CTK 9:30 A.M.                                       


We have done a great job of helping to fill the personal care shelves, keep it up! Especially needed this month are deodorants, shaving cream/razors and bar soap. As it turns out, children like tomato and chicken noodle soups, even in the summer. Adults appreciate salad mixes and salad dressings. Sandi Soik, Lakeshore CAP coordinator, shared numbers from last month (July). Her information follows:                                              


During the month of July the pantry served a total of 127 Door County households consisting of 227 adults and 73 children totaling 300 people. Of those 127 households, 30 had 4 or more members, 60 were senior households, 3 were served on an emergency basis and 14 had not been at the pantry before. Volunteers provided 293.5 hours of service to the pantry.


Please continue to save your Econo receipts (Tadych’s) Market Place) for our church.  Thank you.


Booklets for August/September/October are available at each church and in the plastic bin outside the church office.


Father Olin Sletto, Senior Warden Tim Graul, Junior Warden Challoner Brown, Junior Warden Dale Logan, John Witteborg, Joanne Ator, Cori McFarlane via zoom , Gwen Larsen via zoom, and Bunny Hagen Vestry clerk participated in the meeting at Holy Nativity Jamison Hall. Treasurer, Katie LaViolette excused, Administrative Assistant Dawn DiCarlo excused.
1. Father Olin opened the meeting at 9:07am with a prayer. He then relinquished the chair to Senior Warden Tim Graul.
2. No guests, visitors or congregation input.
3. Motion by Challoner Brown to accept the agenda as presented, John Witteborg seconded, motion passed.
4. Joanne Ator moved to accept the minutes of the June 20, 2022 minutes, Challoner Brown seconded. Motion passed.
5. Treasurer’s Report
5.1 Tim Graul directed members to their copy of the treasurer’s income and expense report. Tim Graul commented on the continuing trend of expenses exceeding income. Solutions include increased giving by members, cutting costs and adhering to the budget as written. Discussion regarding the liabilities section of the balance sheet included noting a line for the recent undesignated contribution of $20,000 which as John Witteborg pointed out that the true balance of the operating fund is approximately $78,000. $122 was contributed to the Bishop’s discretionary fund after his parish visit. Motion by Challoner Brown to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by John Witteborg. Motion passed.

5.2 Endowment Fund discussion included potential options for investment such as the Community Foundation and the Diocesan Trust. Tim reports that Saint Luke’s Sister Bay set up an investment fund with a private company. It is understood that the Board of Directors for each option chooses the investment vehicles but the church retains the right to apply, usually the interest of the investment, to its own priorities. Joanne points out that the contributions can be purposed such as our Cunningham fund, but not invested. John sees the endowment fund as a way to insure our future. Fr. Olin sees a need to have potential Accessibility money available without delay. Tim will contact both the diocese and Community Foundation for information and guidance. Joanne will reach out to Grace Rossman; Shepherd of the Bay regarding their investment choice.

5.3 Lighting for CTK parking lot and walkway has been completed. Motion to approve the payment made by John Witteborg, seconded by Joanne Ator. Motion passed. Plumbing
completed at Holy Nativity on budget and on time! Paying this invoice of approximately $1,500 from the Holy Nativity Building fund was discussed. Joanne Ator moved to approve payment of Holy Nativity plumbing bill from the Holy Nativity Building Fund. Challoner Brown seconded. Motion passed.

5.4 Tim introduced the topic of a Capital Campaign Fund by clarifying that a Capital Accessibility fund would be separate from an endowment fund that would be intended
to sustain the future of our church. Because the Campaign fund contributions are a fiscal matter, an account needs to be established in order to pay expenses associated with the project. It was noted that the prospective builder has waived the $1,500 retainer fee on a handshake. Timing for giving notice to parishioners regarding both the account and the actual process was discussed. Cori McFarlane reminded the group that setting up an account is a first step prior to launching the Capital Campaign. The account can pay incidental expenses before we launch the campaign. Challoner Brown moved to set up a Capital Campaign account. Cori McFarlane seconded. Motion passed. A line in the budget will be established.
5.5 Katie LaViolette has contacted Anne Peterson from the diocese re: eliminating thePaychex service and doing the payroll through our own Powerchurch software. This
will be effective as of September 15, 2022.
6. Senior Warden’s Report
6.1 Covid protocols: Tim has placed notices on church entry doors that masking is recommended due to a high level of risk currently in the county. We cannot require anyone to mask. We will adhere to the Door County Health Department Covid guidelines that follow CDC’s recommendations. Masking is recommended for indoor public gatherings when the alert is high. Outdoor gatherings after mass will continue. For complete guidelines check the Door County Health Department website.
6.2 Our ad in the Pulse regarding hours of services will continue to include the name of our Vicar only.
6.3 Fr. Olin has adjusted the service booklet by eliminating any sung parts, to be used when the organist is absent. It is very difficult to find substitutes. Fia will be on vacation for 2 weeks in August. Our congregation is aware internally through the newsletter of absences of our clergy or organists.
6.4 We will have a vestry meeting in August due to pressing business.
7. Junior Warden’s Report
7.1 CTK: Affordable Plus tree service has not responded to John. Gwen’s efforts have been thwarted due to companies doubling or even tripling their prices. We are on the list with Affordable tree and Dale will follow up. Storm door on the office entry at CTK will not latch to close. A replacement kit will cost $50 and the junior warden has the discretion to make that purchase. Dale will approach our custodian Jane for cleaning the inside of the parish house windows. Fr. Olin will get estimates for exterior window cleaning. Work is still needed on the CTK organ pedals which involves a computer program. Scott Wick will give us an estimate.
7.2 Holy Nativity: Challoner Brown will follow-up with Frank Pammer regarding the removal of trees in the parking lot. All plumbing updates completed as authorized by the vestry. The used area rug from the rear of church originally donated by Fr. Hillman, will be made available to anyone in the congregation via the church newsletter.
8. Vicar’s Report
Dedication of the organ at CTK is planned for September 18, 2022. In addition to our own organists, Jeff Verkulen will be our guest organist and be offered a stipend of $300. Sarah Bong and Fia have agreed to each accept $100. Donations to defray the cost of the musicians are welcome. Fr. Olin plans to convene the ad hoc music committee in the near future. As noted in the Sr. Warden’s report Fr. Olin has made a service booklet to be used when musicians are not available for Mass.
9. Old Business
9.2 Diocesan Convention- Fr. Olin and Connie will accompany our delegates Challoner Brown, and Barb Graul October 29, 2022 at Oneida. Registration of $80 per delegate including Fr. Olin is budgeted. Alternate delegates are Gwen Larsen and Cori McFarlane.
9.3 CTK Accessibility Project: Dale Logan updated the group with new information since the second meeting with Keller Builders. Renderings of the projected addition and floor plan were available.
Discussion included:
1. The need to move one or more stained glass windows to an outside wall
2. Eliminate the bell tower
3. ADA accessible entrance doors, ramp and a lift
4. Location of the accessible restrooms
5. No change to the parish house in order to cut costs
6. One accessible bathroom in the parish house that can be reached from the Sanctuary or the parish
7. Sanctuary entrance is not changed
8. Interior steps to the basement do not change
9. Remodel parts of the parish house to allow more meeting space
10. The beauty of the new roof line

There is no estimate of cost at this time. Keller representatives will be returning with preliminary figures and additional drawings at the next meeting set tentatively for August 22, 2022. Dale Logan will continue to keep the congregation informed of the process through the bulletin. He believes that transparency is critical in an endeavor such as this.9.4 Holy Nativity cemetery update: “Attorney Jim Downey sent to the Feigs on July 18, 2022, a Quit Claim Deed to the land that allows access to the Holy Nativity Cemetery.” Once signed it will be recorded properly.
10. New Business
10.1 A parish picnic is planned for August 24th, 5 pm at Holy Nativity. All are invited to bring their own chairs, utensils, and plates and a dish to pass. Beverages and Chicken will be provided. A notice will be placed in the bulletin.

Next meeting is scheduled for August 25, 2022, 9:30am at Christ the King.
Fr. Olin closed the meeting with the Lord’s Prayer at 10:55.
Respectfully submitted by Bunny Hagen, Vestry Clerk



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