Announcements January 20 & 21, 2024


January 21            Annual Meeting CTK 10:30 A.M. (after Worship Service)

February 14          Ash Wednesday Services:  12:00 noon at Christ the King and 4:00 PM at Holy Nativity

February 15           Vestry Meeting CTK Parish House 9:30 A.M.

NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING: The Annual Meeting of the Church of Christ the King and Holy Nativity will be held this SUNDAY, at Christ the King following the 9:30 A.M. Worship Service. Reports of the Vicar, Treasurer, Wardens, Altar Guild, Outreach Committee and Communication Committee will be presented.

Elections will be held for the offices of Senior Warden, Junior Warden (for both Christ the King and Holy Nativity), Vestry, and delegate (2) and alternate (2) to the Diocesan Convention. Please contact Fr. Olin if you are willing to serve on the Vestry.

SERVICE NOTE: Prayer petitions during the Prayers of the People are important to our worship. However, it is time to update the list. A new prayer list will begin this weekend. Please contact the church office with your prayer requests. You can email or call the office at (743-3286). Thank you. 

CAP PANTRY UPDATE: It’s a new year, but the need remains at the pantry.  The cold weather requests are for soups and soup broth, chili fixings (there is hamburger), helpers for beef, tuna and chicken, and as usual the packets of instant oatmeal.

Thank you everyone for your support—-and Happy New Year! 

CTK & HN AFTER SERVICE FELLOWSHIP: Both Holy Nativity and Christ the King will begin offering fellowship after every service in the New Year. If no one signs up to provide the refreshments, simple treats will be kept on hand at both churches to serve in a pinch. Please stay after service and join us when you can! Sign-up sheets are in back of both churches for those who would like to bring refreshments.

WINTER WORSHIP CANCELLATION: When winter weather makes worship questionable, the Wardens and the Vicar will make a decision about canceling worship, hopefully early in the process.


If worship is to be cancelled, you will receive the message by e-blast. If there are any questions about whether or not we are having worship, please feel free to call the Vicar.


FORWARD DAY BY DAY BOOKLETS: The February / March / April booklets are available at each church and at the CTK Parish House porch (close to the driveway) in the plastic bin.


TADYCH’S MARKETPLACE FOODS: Please continue to save your grocery receipts for our church. Thank you.


Church Of Christ the King and Holy Nativity,

Vestry Meeting Minutes

December 21, 2023

CTK Parish House, 9:30 A.M.

1. Member roll call: Vicar Olin Sletto, Senior Warden Challoner Brown, Junior Warden CTK Dale Logan, Junior Warden HN Joanne Ator, Cori McFarlane per zoom call, Ron Boston, Gwen Larson, Bunny Hagen, Treasurer Sally Hunter and administrative assistant Dawn DiCarlo present. Leslie Hill excused.  Fr. Olin opened the meeting at 9:30 am with a meditation based on thankfulness.

2. Guest/Visitor/Congregation input: None

3. Adopt agenda: Dale Logan moved to accept the agenda. Seconded by Ron Boston. Motion carried.

4. Review of Minutes from November 16, 2023, meeting:  Motion by Gwen Larson to approve the meeting minutes. Seconded by Challoner Brown. Motion carried.

5. Treasurer’s report:  Sally Hunter reviewed highlights of income and expenses since the November 2023 meeting.  Nothing unexpected in November. The ad in the Peninsula Pulse will continue to be paid in two installments, which is an exception Sally negotiated. Costs for 2023 snow removal are pending, we are waiting for a bill from Adam Bley. The current building addition balance in cash and pledges is $299,343. A small deficit of $7,600 remains. Motion by Joanne seconded by Gwen to accept the treasurer’s report. Motion carried.  

      2024 Budget

  • Sally was thanked for her efficient and complete month to month budget spread sheet. 2024 income expected is $121,310. Expenses hover around $133,260, with a deficit of $11,950. Discussion followed:
  • We received 21 pledges thus far.
  • Once the diocese merges into one state wide diocese, our asking may decrease. Until specifics are known, Sally suggests that we budget as before.
  • Confusion surrounds the choir budgeted amount. Previous meeting minutes reveal 8 sessions anticipated for the first year, for a total of $1,000. Fr. Olin and Dale will clarify expectations with Fia, the choir director and organist.
  • Challoner moves to table the budget vote until choir costs are determined.  A vote via email is necessary before January 14, 2024. Joanne seconded. Motion carried.

6. Senior Warden Report: Challoner addressed the announcement from Matthew Payne at the diocese, about electing Lay Delegates at our annual meeting. A resolution to be voted on at our annual meeting recommends that the last October delegates be sent to the special convention in May, where the Trialogue vote will take place. If either of the two delegates cannot attend, the Vestry has the authority to send alternates or appoint new delegates. Joanne moves to accept resolution and have it presented at our annual meeting. Challoner seconded. Motion carries.  All reports for the annual meeting need to get to Dawn by January 4, 2024 .Dawn will remind members via the weekly newsletter, of vestry positions for nomination. All current vestry members have agreed to serve another term. 

 7. Junior Wardens Reports:


  • Joanne reports that the faulty spotlight in the Sanctuary has been removed and a new one has been ordered by Harv’s electric costing $100. The repair /replacement of the ceiling fans in the Nave are estimated to cost $800 for the labor alone. Currently one fan is operational . Vestry agrees to table this discussion until the January vestry meeting.
  • Mark Richards assessed the damage to the bell tower resulting in critters getting into the Jameson Hall kitchen pantry (ceiling). He will correct this 12-21-23. Nearby trees need to be limbed up as prevention.


  • Stained glass in the new addition was discussed with Keller builders and the discussion will be continued at a January 9th Dale explained to the potential donors that the vestry has final authority in all window decisions. Ex: Colors, design and cost. Donors understand that any additional framing cost would be added to their costs. Potential artists for the window design include Kelly Ann Smith, known to some of our members. She will be available in early spring. The Project Finishes Committee will continue to research and develop a proposal. 

8.Vicar’s Report:  Both the Advent organ concert and the Lessons and Carols service was well attended and wonderfully performed. Fr. Olin is contemplating having St. Luke’s attend as guests for Lessons and Carols only in              the future.

9. Communication committee:  Cori provided a sample of the take- away postcard created to distribute to visitors with essential information for CTK and HN. 400-500 have so far been printed. Our story of an all-                             accessible new addition to CTK was featured in the Peninsula Pulse publication, which is a county wide free newspaper. A poster will be developed for the vestibule at CTK announcing the building project.

10. New Business:  Joanne circulated a thank you note and a Christmas card received from Neighbor to Neighbor, and Trish Kubala, the contract gardener at HN.

11. Next Meeting:  January 18 ,2024, CTK at 9:30 am

        Closing Prayer

            Meeting adjourned at 11:10 am after the Lord’s prayer.


Respectfully submitted,

Bunny Hagen Vestry clerk

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