Announcements June 25 & 26, 2022

FUTURE EVENTS IN OUR PARISH:                                                       
July 28 Vestry Meeting at HN 9:00 A.M.
Next weekend is the first Sunday of the month so all cash and designated checks will go the Vicar’s Discretionary Fund.
Hamburger Helper, rice and pasta mixes to help stretch protein continue to be needed. Pancake mixes and oatmeal for breakfast. Personal care products such as shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste are frequently requested.
Our congregation’s donations do make a big difference! Thank you!!!!
The churchyard at HN is looking so much better thanks to the time given from John Witteborg, who also refreshed the paint on the front door, Dale Logan, who weeded and guided two very willing grandsons, Barb Graul, Bunny Hagen, and Joanne Ator. Our special property always benefits from the care of parishioners.
Please continue to save your Econo receipts (Tadych’s) Market Place) for our church. Thank you.
Booklets for August/September/October are available at each church and in the plastic bin outside the church office.


Church of Christ the King and Holy Nativity Vestry Meeting Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Father Olin Sletto, Junior Warden Challoner Brown, John Witteborg, Dale Logan, Joanne Ator and Administrative Assistant Dawn DiCarlo were present at Holy Nativity Jameson Hall.  Kate Wulle-Dugan attended via Face Time.  Sr.    Warden Tim Graul, Jr. Warden Gwen Larson and Treasurer Morag Hornsby were absent and excused.

  1. Father Olin opened the meeting at 9:35 AM with prayer. He then relinquished the chair to Jr. Warden Challoner Brown.
  2. No guests, visitors or congregation input.
  3. Dale Logan moved to adopt the agenda. Kate Wulle-Dugan seconded; motion passed.
  4. Joanne Ator moved to accept the minutes of the April 6 vestry meeting. Dale Logan seconded; motion passed.
  5. Treasurer’s Report

5.1       Dawn DiCarlo presented the treasurer’s income and expense report.  Contributions are down, next month they should be higher with the quarterly pledges coming in.  In the expense report, the secretary payroll reflected three pay periods due to the calendar bi-weekly pay period.  The other expenses included office supplies, computer disks, prayer books $450.00 fee paid to the Diocese for our annual review and $650 for CTK Parish house repairs of the dining room ceiling.  Dawn mentioned that the Diocese has elected to do an off-site review and that we will be receiving a refund for that fee.  Also, Dawn explained that the first quarter outreach disbursement is no longer reflected in the income and expense report because the check got lost in the mail and a stop payment was made on the original check which was then voided.  The check has since been re-issued so it will be included in the May financial report. 

There was a discussion about the church budget and that the cleaning service and organ repair/maintenance be in the budget for next year.

 Challoner Brown asked for a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report.  John Witteborg so moved; Dale Logan seconded; motioned passed.                     

  1. Senior Warden’s Report (This contains material submitted by Tim prior to the mtg.)

6.1       Cleaning service for Holy Nativity – On May 5, we met Marci Faustini (920-493-1776) at Holy Nativity and outlined the extent of the biweekly cleaning job.  Marci came back shortly thereafter with her quote of $70.00 per cleaning.  I called the two references she gave me, Chris Zellie and Valerie Schierl; owners of rental property that Marci has cleaned for them for several years.  Both gave glowing recommendations, stressing Marci’s reliability, responsibility and thoroughness.  Marci provides her own equipment and supplies, and has insurance.  She might also be interested in cleaning the CtK parish house after our visitors, but I didn’t mention that to her.  Tim Graul moved to hire Marci Faustini to clean Holy Nativity on alternate weeks for the sum of $70 per cleaning.  John Witteborg seconded; motion approved.

6.2       Water filter/softener/heater at Holy Nativity – When I sent my May 1 email to you all, I had only received a proposal from Curtis Borkovetz, and I moved to accept it.  Shortly after that, I got Brad Tanck’s proposal, which I sent to the vestry on May 7.  Comparing the two proposals, Borkovetz did not include a water softener; only the iron filter.  But he DID include a new water heater and a new pressure tank, with all the equipment installed in the present furnace room, where it is now.  Tanck’s proposal calls for the additional stuff to be in the storeroom, and the cost of providing electric in that space is NOT included.  A new water heater is an additional $1,186.  Until Sr. Warden Tim Graul weighs in, one question was do we need another water heater or not,  The Vestry decided to hold off making a decision until Tim weighs in on the decision.  The Vestry can vote via email.

6.3       Christ the King Pipe Organ repairs – Seems to be proceeding nicely.  In light of the attention being given to the new organ at CtK, Fr. Olin asked Sara Bong about the organ at Holy Nativity, and if she anticipated it needing any attention.  She provided this.  She responded that the Holy Nativity organ is functioning but there is no guarantee in the future.

Fr. Olin updated the Vestry on what is happening with the ctk pipe organ repairs.  The down payment of $975.00 was given to Scott Wick to replace a rank of pipes and put in the bigger pipes.  When Scott came to look at the pipes and organ he realized that the pipes he wants to put in fit perfectly so now he doesn’t have to do a new cabinet so instead of the original estimate of $10,000.00 the cost will be $1,950.00.   Scott took all the pipes with him to have them cleaned and repaired.  He will come back in July to install them at no charge in exchange for staying at the parish house for a vacation.  The cost that he is charging us is to have the pipes cleaned and repaired.  He will add $250.00 for tuning of the organ.  Fr. Olin was asked by the Vestry to publicize this expense to the congregation for contributions.  Olin is going to call Scott Wick in regards to the software needed for the installation.

6.4       Annual Meeting – Tim asked to be sure all reports be submitted to Dawn by May 23.  Of special concern to me is that we have candidates for all offices and positions: Wardens, vestry, treasurer, delegates and alternates to the annual diocesan convention.  Thanks to Morag for her service as treasurer – who will step up to succeed her?  Thanks, Dale, for standing for junior warden at CtK.  Gwen has agreed to stay on the vestry. Tim would welcome an opponent for the senior warden position. We need two or three recruiters to assure we have a full slate of candidates. 

Fr. Olin will talk to Cori McFarlane about being on the Vestry and will contact two parishioners regarding the open Treasurer position.  Olin asked about the Annual Meeting agenda, Dawn will use the format from previous years. 

Joanne Ator suggested that we re-institute new Vestry member orientation. 

John Witteborg brought up adhering to a time frame with the Vestry meetings, this would help any new members that have tighter schedules.

6.5       Accessibility improvements at Christ the King – I see this as a real opportunity to grow and unite our congregation.  The Vestry will present the idea for CTK accessibility improvements at the Annual Meeting. Dale Logan asked the Vestry for direction and if he can start pursuing architects. Vestry members offered suggestions.

Fr. Olin wrote a letter to the Bishop In regards to our plans for the church in hopes of getting advice on getting financial help.       

  1. Junior Warden’s Report

7.1       Holy Nativity – In need of yard clean-up help, Joanne will put in an announcement to the congregation for help with this.  John Witteborg will paint the faded red door at Holy Nativity.

7.2       CTK- Gwen Larson has submitted her Annual Report.  All other information is mentioned in these minutes.

  1. Vicar’s Report

8.1       Fr. Olin will call and ask the Bishop when he visits if he would like to meet with the Vestry at Holy Nativity at 3:00 P.M.

8.2       The slate of Vestry members are still coming together. 

8.3       Fr. Olin suggested that we update the prayers of the people list every month.  It was agreed to clear the list every month.

8.4       Fr. Olin is going to put out an announcement to get help cleaning the Parish House for the guest priests.

8.5       Fia Hill, CTK organist, will be off, June 5 and 12, there will be no music on June 5 and the visiting priest’s wife will play on the June 12.  Also, we will use Prayer A for worship during these weeks.

8.6       Fr. Olin addressed the cleaning of CTK church and the Parish house after guest’s stays.  Dawn said that Dan (Dawn’s husband) wouldn’t mind cleaning after the guest’s stay.  Fr. Olin suggested to have a sign-up sheet to clean the church.

  1. Old Business

9.1       Gwen Larson has talked to Affordable Tree Service, we are still on the list for the tree removal at CTK.  Dale Logan and John Witteborg will mark the trees that have to be removed.

9.2       The down payment for the CTK church door has been sent to Van Caster, the door has been ordered, just waiting on the process.

9.3       Gwen Larson will contact Harv’s Electric for confirmation and we will send the down payment to them for the CTK parking lot light.

  1. New Business

10.1     The idea for the restroom/addition project will be presented to the members at the Annual meeting.        

10.2     Dale would like someone to confer with on the exterior painting.  Dale will check with Tim on that.

10.3     Dale will get ideas on refreshing the interior of the parish house. 

The next Vestry meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, June 23, 9:30 AM at Holy Nativity Jameson Hall.

Fr. Olin closed the meeting with the Lord’s Prayer at about 11:35 AM.

Faithfully recorded and submitted, Dawn DiCarlo, Administrative Asst.







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