Announcements March 30 & 31, 2024


March 29         Stations of the Cross Service HN 4:00 P.M.

March 30        Easter Vigil HN 5:00 P.M.

March 31        Easter Service CTK 9:30 A.M.

April 18           Vestry Meeting CTK Parish House 9:30 A.M.

VICAR’S DISCRETIONARY FUND: Next weekend is the first Sunday of the month so all cash and designated checks will go to the Vicar’s Discretionary Fund.

UPDATED CAP PANTRY REQUESTS: The pantry is low on both hot and cold cereals, dry pasta (not spaghetti), and both chicken noodle and mushroom soups. 

CTK ACCESSIBILTY PROJECT: We are fast approaching our accessible project start. The kickoff is scheduled for Monday, April 8th. Things have been progressing well over the past months getting details finalized and receiving city approvals. Please be patient during our construction since our worship space won’t be normal and we will need to be flexible, but at the same time, how exciting this is. We will all appreciate the new added space for fellowship that we all need and enjoy. Also, think of all the fun events that we can host as we continue to follow our mission of being good stewards with the gifts that God has given us. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Be sure to come each week to check on the progress.  God’s Peace and Blessings, Dale Logan Jr. Warden – Christ the King

WINTER WORSHIP CANCELLATION: When winter weather makes worship questionable, the Wardens and the Vicar will make a decision about canceling worship, hopefully early in the process. If worship is to be cancelled, you will receive the message by e-blast.

FORWARD DAY BY DAY BOOKLETS: The February / March / April booklets are available at each church and at the CTK Parish House porch (close to the driveway) in the plastic bin.

TADYCH’S MARKETPLACE FOODS: Please continue to save your grocery receipts for our church. Thank you.


Church Of Christ the King and Holy Nativity

Vestry Meeting Minutes

February 15, 2024

CTK Parish House, 9:30 A.M.


1. Member roll call: Vicar Olin Sletto, Junior Warden CTK Dale Logan, Junior Warden HN Joanne Ator, Cori McFarlane via zoom call, Gwen Larson, Leslie Hill, Bunny Hagen, Treasurer Sally Hunter and administrative          assistant Dawn DiCarlo present. Challoner Brown and Ron Boston excused. Joanne called the meeting to order at 9:41 am.

Fr. Olin opened the meeting with a meditation based on Sunday’s Lenten text from Mark: Jesus is commissioned by the Spirit and prepares for his ministry through prayer and testing in the wilderness.   

2. Guest/Visitor/Congregation input: Joanne read thank you’s from recipients of our 4th quarter outreach: Toys for kids and the CAP food pantry.

Stained glass windows: Our guest and member Louise Andreae gave an update on the stained-glass windows for the addition. She talked with Kelly Ann Smith to discuss design ideas. Emphasis is on having the new windows complement the existing “Winnie’s” windows. Ideas Louise shared: Rays of light through clouds, no use of any figures, a dove, water scene similar to Cave Point and a visual depicting fishers of men (rowboat in the water in the distance). Louise stressed that we eliminate the divider in the new panes of glass to avoid interfering with a cohesive image. Eliminate from the front new windows the images that were above the interior glass doors. Use those either on the parking lot side door or leave them as they are above the inner glass doors. Dale will contact Cole about tweaking the window rendering to reflect these changes.

HN Organ: Fia Hill our CTK organist, reported on finding a used organ possibly for HN. While playing for a funeral at the Baptist church, she learned that they were selling a digital organ with two keyboards and a pedal panel for $500. It included speakers that were updated in 2016 and the organ itself dates back to 1978. In addition to the organ sounds it has flute, strings, oboe and chimes. It has been maintained well, and Fia has a message out to the gentleman who has serviced it. Fia believes it is the deal of a lifetime. Sara Bong, the HN organist, will be asked to play it and advise. The Allen Company advised that we hire a professional mover. Pros and cons were discussed at length. Consensus to move forward was reached. Fia will inform the Baptist Pastor that we are very interested and will get back to him. Thank you to both of our guests.     

3. Adopt agenda: Leslie Hill moved to accept the agenda. Seconded by Gwen Larson. Motion carried.

4. Review of Minutes from January 18, 2024, meeting: Motion by Gwen Larson to approve the meeting minutes. Seconded by Leslie Hill. Motion carried.

 5. Treasurer’s report: Sally Hunter reports January income was $20,390 and the monthly expenses totaled $9,939. We are behind in the pledged income category but the loose offering of $3,703 made up 1/3 of the difference. Leslie asked for clarification of the choir director’s reimbursement. Dale explained that when he and Fr. Olin and Fia met it was agreed that our choir would have 5 performances for 2024. For this year, Fia would receive $1000 for her choir duties and submit verification of that to Dawn for accounting purposes. This would be in addition to a $500 allowance for the purchase of music. Moving forward we may be able to increase the reimbursement.

Sally summarized our Capital Campaign funds to date. $161,000 (which includes $5000 for the stained-glass windows) is in the bank. We have received an additional $10,000 donation this week. Our project with cash donations and pledges is fully funded. We will need to take some kind of a loan at the completion of construction from the diocese, as pledges will be realized over a 5-year period. Sally will compose a small update statement for the weekly newsletter to keep all members informed of the great success. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report made by Dale. Seconded by Gwen. Motion carried.   

6. Senior Warden Report: None      

7. Junior Wardens Reports:

HN: Joanne reports that tree trimming by Dave’s Tree Service is complete. Awaiting bill. Ron Boston and John Hagen will move the pew directly behind the organ bench to increase comfort the organist. The renewal of the maintenance contract with Wulf Brothers is due.  Cost is $335 and includes all regular and emergency service for both heating units.   

CTK: Accessible project update: Ceiling fan will be added to the plan. Signs needed to direct people to the temporary entrance to the church during construction will be created by Sally and Gwen. Persons will mobility challenges will be directed to park in the driveway and enter the temporary entrance with less maneuvering. Fr. Olin suggests that coffee hour be located in the parish house during this time. Consideration for increasing cleaning budget will be done if needed.

A PR photo will include Fr. Olin, Dale, Joanne, Tim Graul, and Challoner. This is scheduled for April 9th, 2024. Cori will follow up with getting it published if Katie from Keller cannot. Dale is requesting that we have a banner          that draws attention to our new accessible addition welcoming all.  Cori and the communication committee will compose the message.

The large maple at the front of the church is dying and will need to be removed before construction begins. Dale will get estimates and email the info for a vote.

Landscaping: Salvaging the plantings at the front of church. Joanne states we have three good choices, hire a bona fide landscaper to dig them up and store until summer, hire a local gardener or ask parishioners to do the work.  Sally would like to have us consider purchasing new plantings and have the current plants removed during excavation. More to come.

CTK choir grant: Leslie will investigate potential funds available through the diocese to promote church music programs.     

 8. Vicar’s Report: Olin requesting an Acolyte for CTK. He is introducing Stations of the Cross at HN on Good Friday. Sunday September 15, 2024, the Bishop will be here to dedicate the new addition. Olin’s well- deserved vacation time is April 21 through May 2nd. Three Sundays with Supply that is already arranged. May 11th is a date Fr. Will keep open tentatively. 33 people attended Ash Wednesday.

9. Communication committee: Kudos to the team for the excellent coverage in the local paper.

10. New and Old Business: None

11.Next Meeting: March 21,2024 CTK at 9:30 am

Closing Prayer

Meeting adjourned at 11:13 am after the Lord’s prayer.


Respectfully submitted,

Bunny Hagen Vestry clerk





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