Announcements May 21 & 22, 2022

The Episcopal Church of Christ the King and Holy Nativity Announcements May 21 & 22, 2022

FUTURE EVENTS IN OUR PARISH:                                                       
June 5 Annual Meeting at CTK 10:30 A.M.
June 25 & 26 Bishop’s Visit
We need helpers at Holy Nativity. Our spring cleanup is upon us and it is a lovely time to be in our garden In Jacksonport. This year we will try a different approach to accommodate both the weather and your time and talents at a convenient time. Leaf cleanout, most of the pruning, and gravel raking is covered. We need weeders. If you can spend an hour or two to help in the next three weeks please let Joanne know. You can do this at any time that fits your schedule before June 10. Technical advice and specific locations will be provided. You’ll need a small spade and a trowel or other hand-held digging device. Kindly reply to: or 920-839-2307.
We want to keep the prayer requests for individual’s current… Therefore, we will remove all names next week. A sign-up sheet will be at the back of the church at CTK and HN for you to add names of people you wish to continue to be included in the prayers or new names. This list will be updated every two months, but you can add names at any time. 
Personal products, especially toothpaste and shampoo. There is plenty of peanut butter, but jelly would be appreciated for those after school snacks. Canned fruit (any kind) and fruit juices are in short supply. As always, any donation, especially larger sizes for larger families will be used. At this time there is plenty of protein, but pasta and/or rice stretchers are a big help. 
Sandi often expresses her appreciation for all the support from our congregation. Thank you!!!!
Please continue to save your Econo receipts (Tadych’s Market Place) for our church. Thank you.
Booklets for May/June/July are available at each church.
April 6, 2022 Vestry Meeting Minutes
Holy Nativity Jameson Hall

Father Olin Sletto, Senior Warden Tim Graul, Junior Warden Challoner Brown, John Witteborg, Dale Logan, Joanne Ator, Treasurer Morag Hornsby and Administrative Assistant Dawn DiCarlo were present at Christ the King parish house.  Kate Wulle-Dugan and Junior Warden Gwen Larson were absent and excused.  Organist Fia Hill was also present.

  1. Father Olin opened the meeting at 9:33 AM with prayer. He then relinquished the chair to Senior Warden Tim Graul. 
  2. The vestry recessed to the nave where Fia explained that Scott Wick, builder of the organ, would be coming April 23 to repair non-functioning pedals and correct some software issues in the console. The organ came with a rank of pipes, which have never been installed; he will advise our options with regard to placement of them.  The meeting then resumed in the parish hall.
  3. Joanne Ator moved adopt the agenda. Dale seconded; motion passed.
  4. John Witteborg moved to accept the minutes of the February 9 vestry meeting. Joanne Ator seconded; motion passed.
  5. Treasurer’s Report

5.1       Dawn DiCarlo presented the treasurer’s income and expense report.  Extraordinary item is a down payment of $3,000 for the new front doors at CTK.  The bill for 2021 landscaping, grass cutting and spring and fall clean-up at Holy Nativity came to $500.  Dawn went over the March balance sheet; a transfer of $3000 was made from the CTK money market account to the operating account, which will be reflected on the balance sheet once Diocesan Treasurer Anne Peterson assists with posting entries between accounts.  Dawn asked about the pass-through balances in the Memorials and Food Pantry accounts.  Joanne said the balance in the Marilyn Cunningham memorial account will remain until the money can be spent as it was intended: on projects to help children.  Morag asked Joanne if the balance in the food pantry could be split between the Vicar’s Discretionary Fund and the CAP food pantry.  Joanne will call Sandi at the food pantry to determine the current need and report back.

            Morag suggested to the Vestry that we provide for organ repairs in next year’s annual budget.

            Tim asked for a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report.  Dale Logan so moved; Challoner Brown seconded; motioned passed.

5.2       The church received a copy of the 2020 financial review from the Diocese.  The recommendations were to use the monies in the pass-through accounts by month end, especially the VDF. Also, we need a proper thank-you letter to send to people who donate more than $250.  The Diocese commended the job that Treasurer Morag Hornsby and Admin. Asst. Dawn DiCarlo did on the report.              

  1. Senior Warden’s Report

On Friday, March 26, 2022, Sr. Warden Tim Graul made a motion via email to the Vestry to approve the proposal to contract Van Caster Construction LLC to provide and install two new front doors for a sum not to exceed eight thousand dollars. Kate Wulle-Dugan seconded; motion passed.

6.1       Tim presented the door designs that the Vestry agreed upon.  Contractor Mark will take the door design back to the City Building Inspector to verify the design is acceptable and meets all requirements.  We’re getting the best quality doors including a polymer weather shield on the outside.  Tim took the tax exemption form to Lampert Lumber, supplier of the doors.

            Dawn presented a letter from the state regarding unclaimed property.  Joanne Ator will look into that matter.

  1. Junior Warden’s Report

7.1       Holy Nativity- Tim met with plumber Brad Tanck.  Brad recommends replacing the water heater in kind.  He suggested locating the water softener and iron filter in the storeroom.  He took a water sample away with him.  Awaiting a proposal.

Joanne and John met with plumber Curtis Borkevetz, whose proposal is to make room in the furnace room for the same equipment that Tanck would use.  Curtis took a water sample and also recommends a new water heater.  We are waiting on his proposal.

7.2       CTK- Jr. Warden Gwen Larson is resigning as Junior Warden because of her full time work schedule.  The Vestry discussed different ideas about the Jr. Warden position.

 Gwen got one bid on lighting for the parking lot and is waiting on two others. 

 Dawn DiCarlo will call Dawn’s Lawn care and get a price for spring clean-up.

 Dale asked about the tree removal.  John said that we are on the list at Affordable Plus, but he will call to see where on the list.

  1. Vicar’s Report

8.1       Fr. Olin discussed his vacation time and visiting Priests.       

  • May 7 & 8, Fr. Biegler may fill in for this time.
  • June 11 & 12, Fr. Larry Burton.
  • July 9 & 10, and 16 & 17, Fr. Kallenberg.
  • October 8 & 9, Fr. Couper.

Fr. Olin is still working on getting Priests for the last three weeks of October.  All of the visiting Priests with the exception of May 7 & 8 will be staying in the Parish House.

Morag suggested to the Vestry to restore the Supply Priest account in next year’s annual budget.

8.2       Fr. Olin and the Vestry went over the “Principles of an Effective Congregation” report, which he had sent to the Vestry.   The Vestry discussed hosting community events; opening up the Jameson Hall for community use; a joint picnic with St. Luke’s; Lessons and Carols/Advent Concert; evensong services, and hosting AA Meetings.  John Witteborg mentioned pastoral care, which wasn’t included in the report.  Fr. Olin confirmed that he does do home and hospital visits.  The Vestry agreed that pastoral care must be part of congregation report.  

The Vestry discussed whether to resume fellowship time after the worship services at each church.

  1. Old Business

            The Vestry agreed to hold the Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 5, 10:30 AM at CTK.      

  1. New Business

10.1     Dale Logan presented a concept for how a handicap-accessible restroom might be added at Christ the King.  Dale asked if anyone knew of a person who could make drawings of his plan.   The Vestry agreed to inform the congregation at the Annual Meeting that the subject is being considered and that substantial fundraising will be required.  

10.2     Treasurer Morag Hornsby reminded the Vestry that 2022 is the last term year of her position as Treasurer and she would like to retire.

  1. The next Vestry meeting will be Wednesday, May 18, 9:30 AM at Holy Nativity Jameson Hall.

Fr. Olin closed the meeting with the Lord’s Prayer at about 11:47 AM.

Faithfully recorded and submitted, Dawn DiCarlo, Administrative Asst.



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