Announcements November 18 & 19, 2023


December 3          Advent Concert CTK 3:00 P.M. (Everyone is invited!)

December 9          Lessons and Carols HN 5:00 P.M. (in place of worship)

December 23        Fourth Sunday of Advent Service HN 5:00P.M.

December 24        Fourth Sunday of Advent Service CTK 9:30 A.M.

                                Christmas Eve Service CTK 2:00 P.M.

                                Christmas Eve Service HN 5:00 P.M.

December 25        Christmas Day Service CTK 9:30 A.M.

January 14            Annual Meeting CTK 10:30 A.M. (after Worship Service)

CTK ACCESSISIBILITY PROJECT UPDATE: Our current total donated and pledged is $295,943.00!  GOD IS SO GOOD !!

2023 FOURTH QUARTER OUTREACH FUND RECIPIENTS: Each year the CTK-HN Outreach Committee assesses the services and financial needs of local charities. This year the committee determined that we would be able t0 assist two organizations with our fourth quarter funds. Each non-profit will receive a check for $500.

Neighbor to Neighbor provides medical equipment loans, peer companions, and respite care for family caregivers. The Lemonade Club, a monthly support group, is offered for cancer patients/survivors, and their families and friends. The organization welcomes volunteers for peer companionship, respite care, equipment pick-up and delivery, and help in the office for special projects. 

The 115 Club is dedicated to improving the lives of those in recovery from alcohol and drug substance abuse. In-person and virtual group meetings are available. Last year, because of the isolation required by the Covid pandemic, the non-profit began a project to make the backyard into an inviting meeting place for gatherings, cookouts, music, and speaker meetings. Our funds will be applied to the final costs of the project.

These two donations will complete our 2023 Outreach support of services in Door County. Prior funding this year was awarded to the Lakeshore CAP Cradle to Career program, the STRIDE program of United Way which funds mental health services for school aged children, and the Lakeshore CAP Food Pantry.  Please give thanks to our Outreach Committee, Barb Graul, Cori McFarlane, Kate Wulle-Dugan, and Joanne Ator for their careful discernment of the needs in our community.

CAP PANTRY NEEDS UPDATE.  The pantry is a busy place.  Cooler weather and the holiday season are close at hand.  Especially popular with families are the individual hot cereal packets, an easy breakfast that children can make before heading off to school—many have parents who work the early shift.  

The pantry has turkeys for Thanksgiving and hopes to have hams for Christmas. Donations that expand the holiday meal such as mashed, scalloped or fresh potatoes, canned cranberries, canned sweet potatoes or any item that makes your own family meal special would be gratefully accepted. 

Thank you for being so faithful in supporting this outreach project!

CTK & HN CHOIR:  We are forming a choir to perform on selected service dates!  If you are interested, please contact the church office by email or call 920 743-3286  for more information!

ANNUAL MEETING OF CTK & HN:  Be aware the Vestry has voted to hold our Annual Meeting in January! 

UNITED THANK OFFERING:  The Fall gathering of this offering is underway and will be collected on the first weekend of Advent. Boxes and envelopes for cash offerings can be found at the back of each church, or you can write a check and designate it for UTO. Thank you.

LET’S SAVE THOSE HOLIDAY BUCKS! Tadych’s Market is awarding customers with “Holiday Bucks” again. If you would like to donate yours to the CAP Food Pantry there will be a collection place in the back of each church.

ALTAR FLOWERS:  Please contact the church office by email or call 920 742-3286 if you would like to purchase flowers for our church altars in memory of a loved one. 

FORWARD DAY BY DAY BOOKLETS: The November / December / January booklets are available at each church and at the CTK Parish House porch (close to the driveway) in the plastic bin.


Church Of Christ the King/Holy Nativity
Vestry Meeting Minutes

October 19, 2023

1. Member roll call Vicar Olin Sletto, Senior Warden Challoner Brown, Junior Warden CTK Dale Logan, Junior Warden HN Joanne Ator, Cori McFarlane, Leslie Hill, Gwen Larson, Bunny Hagen, Treasurer Sally Hunter and administrative assistant Dawn DiCarlo present. Ron Boston, excused.
Fr. Olin opened the meeting at 9:36 am with a meditation based on the Sunday gospel according to Matthew. To God the things that are God’s. A prayer for a productive convention was recited.

Guest/Visitor/Congregation input None
Adopt agenda Gwen Larson moved to accept the agenda. Seconded by Cori McFarlane. Motion carried.
Review of Minutes from September 21, 2023, meeting Motion by Cori to approve the meeting minutes. Seconded by Leslie Hill. Motion carried.
5. Treasurer’s report Sally Hunter reviewed highlights of income and expenses since the September 2023 meeting which included:
Income is ahead of budget by $3,418.00. Expenses for the Parish house cleaning and supply clergy were expected. A question concerning the Marilyn Cunningham memorial money which was to be earmarked for the needs of children is incorporated in the designated memorial fund of the balance sheet. Thirty dollars year to date in the Employee Tax Portion line is a carryover from the 2022 4th quarter. It is not related to the 2023 accounting. Joanne Ator moved to accept the treasurer’s report. Seconded by Gwen Larson. Motion carried.

Money Market Interest

Sally Hunter reports that combined designated funds have this year, earned approximately $200 in interest. Cori McFarlane suggests creating a line on the balance sheet reflecting interest earned and apply this money as the vestry identifies needs in the future. Group in agreement.

6. Senior Warden Report
Challoner requests that we address the accessibility project and our path forward.
Sally reports that we have a total of $53,000 in hand as of today. This includes the designated fund of $17,000 and pledges of $36,000 received to date. Sally advises that we have in hand $157,000 on hand from donations. Pledges for the remaining $150,000 before the diocese would agree to the $150,000 loan.

Extensive Discussion revealed the following:
The letters to members asking for donations were mailed out October 18,2023.

The letter was approved by the vestry via email prior to today’s meeting. (See attached)

Currently the fundraising committee consists of Sally, Gwen, and Dale. Tim Graul requests to be an advisory member only. Joanne is willing to be advisory as well.

Sally will inform Dale as pledges are received.

Sally is asking for clarification of the “friends of CTK/HN” list, so an appeal letter could be sent to them as well.

Fr. Olin reports that one donor has promised a $100,000 stock donation. The transaction has not been completed to date.

We need to apply a donor development approach by including building project donations on individual quarterly statements to reflect the donation for tax purposes and to emphasize gratitude.

There is no need to call any potential donor directly at any time.

Sally will send thank you notes via our church stationery.

Updates regarding the progress of fundraising will be done from the pulpit after services as appropriate and via the newsletter to keep all members informed.

The fundraising committee believes that we have commitments for $157,000. Additional pledges/contributions that come in will be earmarked for Diocesan loan repayment.

Joanne Ator moved that we proceed with a spirit of Goodwill giving in the order that follows:

That we realize $157,000 in cash or pledges at the time of contract signing.

That we obtain a loan from the diocese for $150,000.

Challoner signs the contract and we pay the down payment of approximately $62,000.

The remaining $245,000 is due by the end of 2024 per the timeline outlined.
After the down payment, $61,400 is due on 5/15/24, 6/15/24, 6/30/24, . $46,000 is due on 7/30/24 and the final payment of $15,350 is due 8/15/24. This timeline may be adjusted related to date of initiation of the work.
Motion seconded by Cori McFarlane. Motion carried.

Junior Wardens Reports

Joanne reports that the repair of the Narthex ceiling fan is in process. The furnaces have been tuned up for winter.

Dale Logan acknowledges that the accessibility project has been sufficiently discussed earlier.
Garage rental payments will continue through April 2024.

Choir Leslie communicated that the choir will be at CTK, about 56 members are interested. They will perform at times and also lead worship singing. In addition to the $125 paid per week to Fia to conduct practices, she requests a $500 budget for choral music. Fr. Olin is very in favor of all additions to our music program.
Motion by Cori to fund the choir for the 4 final weeks of the year at $500 for the organist and $150 for choral music. Seconded by Challoner. Motion carried.
Vicar’s Report
Fr. Maxwell will be our supply clergy for the Thanksgiving weekend.
Fr. Olin will contact the Bishop’s office to schedule a dedication for the new addition.
Winter worship cancellations will be done via eblast, radio announcement and Facebook.
Mother Brit from St. Luke’s will be on board, she will invite the congregation to attend our Lessons and Carols December 9,2023
The December 3rd organ concert at CTK will include organ, flute and strings.
Old Business
Building Church Insurance updates, no report.
New Business None
Next Meeting: November 16, 2023, CTK at 9:30 am
Closing Prayer

Meeting adjourned at 11:46 am after the closing prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Bunny Hagen Vestry clerk

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